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The Public Portal provides online access to case information and documents for Probate cases filed after February 5, 2007, and Civil cases filed after November 13, 2007. For information on cases and documents before 2007, visit the following pages: Obtaining Probate Records or Obtaining Civil Records.

To view information about all other case types, visit the Sacramento Superior Court Public Access System(PCAS).

Available through the Public Portal

Searches – Search for case information by party names, case numbers, calendars, or case type and date.

Reservation System (CRS) – Reserve and manage court hearing dates in participating departments.

Civil Trial Readiness – Submit trial readiness notification to the Court for civil cases.

Case Activity Notification Request – Get an e-mail when a new document is added to a case. You may also cancel e-mail notifications at any time.

Public Reports Filing Search – Locate non-confidential cases filed by location and case type on any given day. Search results are limited to a 5-day search window.

Case documents are displayed in PDF format and may be viewed, saved, and printed from this web site using Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader®, download the application for free from Adobe.

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Not available through the Public Portal

  • Register of Action (ROA) Numbers
  • Confidential or Sealed documents

Tentative Rulings and Probate Notes

Beginning April 24, 2023, all civil tentative rulings, including Civil and Presiding Judge Law & Motion rulings and Probate Notes, will be available for viewing by case on the Public Portal. Login above to access.

Official Records

The Superior Court of Sacramento County has designated the electronic record as the official record for all Civil Limited and Unlimited cases (excluding Limited Unlawful Detainer) filed after November 13, 2007.

California Rules of Court differentiate between access to electronic documents via the Internet and access to electronic documents at the courthouse. As a result, some documents are not available online that are part of the complete official record.

The Court tries to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides through the Public Portal. The Court also recognizes that, on occasion, errors occur. The Court encourages verification of information accessed through the Public Portal by comparing the information available through public court kiosks and any other information available to the inquiring party. Use of this information is the user's responsibility.

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